Friday, 16 December 2011

Unblocking the drain of mah creativity! Well, a bit.

 I have been really, really uncreative of late, blocked even. One of the things I get up to when I can't face art is model ships. That's right, never grew out of it! I found in the dusty recesses of the storage bit of my studio a 1/700th (i.e. tiny) model kit of a Russian Battle Cruiser, the Kallinin. These ships are huge and handsomely menacing...building the ship is proving a trial to my ageing eyeballs. However,  decided I will case the model and also thought it would fun to paint a backdrop for it. So I glued a sheet of watercolour paper to the back and bottom, with the paper left in a bit of a curve at the join, gessoed it and got stuck into the painting bit with oils having first built up a bit of a sea on the base using 'Das' It's coming out nicely, the sea requires more work, and the actual ship needs lots more work but will probably have to wait till after New Year to be finished. 

Realising that the Holidayseason was nearly upon us a card needed doing, fast. This is it.
Acrylic on gessoed w/colour paper. We're pretty happy with it. And with that I wish everyone a happy and creative midwinter, however you celebrate whatever you celebrate...or something like that!

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